About Us

Our prime objectives are to source land and property suitable for development. By combing the key specialist areas of our team we ensure that these objectives are met, whilst achieving maximum value for our investors.

Zada's team has gained its expertise from working at major institutions in both real estate and finance. This allows us to provide an in depth knowledge specifically applicable to the investments we are seeking to acquire for our investors.

Zada understands that the small details at the front end of an investment can make a material difference to the end value. We realise that longer term financing details are not necessarily a hindrance to investors looking for a mixed tenure of investment portfolio product.

Urban Regeneration

We have a wealth of knowledge and practical experience in the field of urban regeneration; we also have links with a number of the leading agents, architects and National House Builders.
These factors combined allow us to offer practical and unique advice for the regeneration of urban sites.

Strategic Promotion

By offering expert advice from the outset we have a reputation for continued success in the promotion of land through the Development Plan process on behalf of major land owners.


With our pragmatic approach in considering the bigger picture, we are able to evaluate the re-development of sites for residential or mixed use schemes. We have the experience to lead meetings with local authorities and private consortiums in order to maximize the potential of any site.

Planning Law

Our knowledge and contacts enables us to give expert advice on all matters relating to planning law.